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Postcards are print materials that will not go out of style. Years ago, postcards have been used by our families and relatives in keeping in touch with each other. Visiting other places was never complete without sending a bunch of postcards to those left at home. During holiday seasons and special occasions, too, postcards were popular. These were used to send heartfelt greeting to friends and loved ones. These days, when instant messaging and modern technologies, postcards are still used by those who love to have keepsakes. Postcards are placed in memory boxes as memorabilia. These postcards are way more charming that chat messages and emails and are preferred by many people. For sure, postcards will be appreciated by anyone you know.

If you are looking for a way of sending greetings, you may want to make postcards. On your spare time, you can do custom postcard printing which can be really easy to do. For custom postcard printing, you will need paper stock which should be have thicker width, ink type for printing, and of course, your personal computer as well as inkjet printer. See, you do not need special machinery or high tech equipment to do custom postcard printing. In the comfort of your own home and in your most convenient time, gather your friends and family members, so you can do custom postcard printing together. This can be your bonding activity. Kids can do custom postcard printing with the help of adults. They can send their postcards to their friends and classmates come school breaks and summer vacations.

If you are not familiar with how custom postcard printing works, here are some essential guidelines:

- Select the materials you need. You can find paper stock inside your own home. If not, go to the nearest supply store for this printing essential. Choose quality paper stock, one that does not tear easily. Bear in mind that your paper stock should withstand shipping, transport and delivery.

- For the ink type, there are those that give off an unusual sheen. There are ink types that are metallic, adding value to the prints. Find out what ink types have special qualities that you can use. This may come expensive, so if you are working on a limited budget, you can always make use of your laser or inkjet printer.

- Make use of full color when custom postcard printing. You do not want your postcards to look bleak and boring. Use full color especially if you are going to make use of images. Make sure that the images are of high resolutions as the prints may be pixilated in the end.

- Set the measurement for your postcards. Stick with the usual sizes and shapes, but you can also make it doubly fun if you choose non-traditional ones. Kids will surely enjoy getting postcards shaped into their favorite cartoon characters or animals.

- Before you print your cards, have a sample. In this way, you can minimize erros. On the get go, you can already know which design elements you need to improve. You may encounter problems with bordering and indentations, so you need to work on this before mass printing.

- Avail of mailing services if you wish to distribute a huge number of postcards. Mailing companies can offer you services that are affordable and reputable.

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Custom Postcard Printing Made Easy

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This article was published on 2010/12/22